Working on my first bug

In order to start working on my bug, the first step was to set up the local environment. Since my bug is part of the Brackets text editor, I only had to install Brackets in order to begin working on it. Luckily, I did not have any problems setting it up. It was very simple and I only had to follow a few steps from Thimble’s readme:


After that, I was able to get the text editor running.

I then had to figure out why the problem was only happening in Firefox. I did some searching and found out that it’s a common problem where the CSS properties height / line-height render differently in Firefox than in Chrome. Now I had to find this property in the code and see if it really was the problem.

When I opened the code, it was confusing and overwhelming at first. It took me a while but I was able to find the CSS code for the file renaming UI:


Fixing the bug was the easiest part. All I had to do was add a separate line-height property for Firefox. Luckily, something similar had been done previously in the code, so I didn’t have to figure out how to do this and instead just reused the same line. This is what I added:

Here is what the file renaming input looked like before and after I changed it:


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